Albertine Enterprises, Inc has successfully represented many corporate and

labor clients during it's 3 decade history. Some clients have included:

The Eaton, Corporation

Trinity Industries

Polaris Industries, Inc.

Intersections, Inc.

Fuel Cell Energy, Inc

Applied Minds, Inc

Wind, USA, Inc

Veritainerm Inc

Visionsafe, Inc

Tarp, Inc.

Airdat, Inc.

The Healy Foundation

Viking Properties

Solaire, Inc

The American Stock Exchange

Shared Medical Systems

Berkshire Hathaway Companies: 

  • Fruit of the Loom & Brands

  • Fruit of the Loom

  • Russell Athletic

  • Spaulding

  • Vanity Fair Intimates

Labor Unions:

  • The International Brotherhood of Teamsters

  • The Allied Pilots Association (Pilots of American Airlines)

  • The US Airways Pilots Association

  • The International Brotherhood of Teamsters local 1224


  • Coalition of Airline Pilots Association