John M. Albertine Ph.D. is the Chairman and CEO of Albertine Enterprises, Inc.

Biographical Information:

Education: Ph.D. Economics, the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

Career Highlights:

Professor, Economics, Mary Washington College of the University of


Adjunct Professor, Command & Staff College of the United States

Marine Corp

Legislative Assistant, Economics, United States Senator Lloyd M.

Bensten, (D, Texas)

Executive Director, The Joint Economic Committee of the United States

Congress (10 Senators/10 House Members) Chaired by Senator Bentsen

President of the American Business Conference (100 CEO's of Mid-size

fast growing companies---Chaired by Arthur Levitt, Jr.--the Chair of the

American Stock Exchange)

Vice-Chairman of the Fruit of the Loom Company,

Founder and currently Chairman of Albertine Enterprises, inc

Member of the boards of directors of 14 publicly traded companies in his career

including, Fruit of the Loom, inc, Thermo Electron, BBN, American Precision

Industries, Gould Pumps, the MidWest Air Group, Intermagnetics General,

Semco Energy (Chaired the board), Electro-Rent, DynaTech, Riblet Products,

Integral Systems (chaired the Board).

Currently on the Boards of publicly traded companies: Kadant, Inc and

Intersections Inc.

Past Vice-Chairman of the board of trustees of the Virginia Retirement System

(manages 68 billion in pension assets) Appointed by the Republican Virginia

State Senate, re-appointed by the Democratic Virginia State Senate

Chaired the Presidential Commission on Aviation Safety, appointed by President


Member Presidential commission on private sector initiatives, appointed by

President Reagan

Chaired the President’s Commission on Aviation Safety. 

Bart Fisher

Bart Fisher has been described as a "founding father" of the market for internationally trained lawyers (SAISPHERE, April, 1990), "one of the D.C. trade bar's pioneers" (The Rushford Report, June, 1998), a "legend" and "a godfather of DC's international trade law bar" (Legal Bisnow, January 27, 2010), "bright" (Fortune, December 14, 1981); a lawyer "who is known for his unorthodox, high profile, confrontational approach to international trade disputes" (Washington Post, August 24, 1982); someone who practices law with "audacity" (New York Times, December 29, 1989), "one of the nation's foremost experts on international trade, especially with regard to Asia" (Above the Law, August 19, 2010), "high-powered and well-connected" (Huffington Post, March 3, 2012), "a very skilled and experienced international trade lawyer and economist" (The Washington Times, August 17, 2015), "an attorney who has represented both sides in trade disagreements" (China Daily, December 24, 2015) and "respected in all venues of the capital" (Carta Polis, August 29, 2017).

James J. Albertine is the Past President of the AmericanLeague of Lobbyists, and has been recognized as one of the premierlobbyists in the nation’s capital. He is currently President of AlbertineEnterprises, Inc. Prior to joining Albertine Enterprises, Mr. Albertinewas Senior Vice-President of the American Health Care Association(AHCA) based in Washington , D.C . He also served for four years asthe Director of Government Affairs for the American Society ofAssociation Executives (ASAE). As the top government affairsprofessional at ASAE, he was responsible for the entire range ofpublic policy issues affecting non-profit and professional associationexecutives from more than 19,000 associations.

James Albertine specializes in raising funds from public sources, and isrecognized as a leader in public finance. The business of Washington,D.C. is largely government-based , and Mr. Albertine has obtained fundsto grow many types of enterprises from public sources. In one case aU.S. manufacturer of all terrain vehicles (ATVs) achieved fundingthrough Mr. Albertine’s efforts from Congress and the Departmentof Defense to develop a product that it now sells through commercialchannels as well. Mr. Albertine has obtained funding for high-tech enterprises from the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Mr. Albertine specializes in the field of biotechnology, and is currently in the process ofobtaining funding from the Departments of Homeland Security andHealth and Human Services for a developer of a medical compounddesigned to counter multiple drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDRTB)that might be used in a bioterrorist attack against the United States.